Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today we arrived early this morning to meet our tour guides, Hernan and Joaquin. We left the airport on a whirlwind tour of Buenos Aires, including a trip to The Metropolitan Cathedral on the Plaza de Mayo, where there was a prostest, the Boca section of the city and Recoleta Cemetary, the burial place of Eva Peron.
We then went and checked into the hotel where Jeff (the YGC director) and I were both given really nice suites!....Off to La Plata tomorrow for a workshop and a concert, and a visit to the concert by Carlos and either Cristian or his son...... Topo's sister Valeriamay also come to the concert!
Will try and post daily. So far things are great!


  1. Sounds great so far! Have fun and enjoy your suite!!!

  2. Sean, the pictures are fabulous and it looks like the weather is nice. Everyone must be pretty exhausted after traveling and touring!!

  3. Looks like a beautiful place.