Monday, June 1, 2009

Buenos Aires

Spent some more time in Buenos Aires...What a great city. We had a great concert at the Methodist church followed by a pizza dinner.......When we came out of the restaurant I realized how close we were to the obelisk....AMAZING! The followng day we went to San Telmo for the famed flea market and on to lunch at a local Cantina in Soho. That evening a great concert at the Cathedral Metropolitana...the most important catholic church in Argentina...great audience! After the concert we went off to San Telmo and the famous Viejo Almacen club, in the area where Tango got its start. We had a great dinner and saw an amazing Tango show. Got home at 12:00 Midnite to pack and leave the hotel at 3:00 am to catch our flight to Rio de Janeiro.

We arrived this morning and went on a tour of Rio, saw the HUGE MODERN Rio de Janeiro Cathedral, and checked into our hotel...ONE BLOCK FROM COPACABANA BEACH! Dinner tonight at a local to bed for a tour of Christ teh Redeemer statue in the morning!


  1. Great pics! Cant wait for beach pictures and pics of the statue that was in ALL of my geography books.
    But most of all, I want to see pics of Andres, ELi, Casey and Jeff doing the Poppy Dance!
    I love you:)

  2. Great stuff bro. You look like you are really enjoying yourself

  3. Wonderful pictures, Sean. The churches look so amazing. We will miss you in Maine next week!!