Tuesday, June 2, 2009



At the top of Corcovado mountain is the incredible CHRIST THE REDEEMER statue. - What an amazing site...pictures cannot do it justice....The views from Corcovado are breathtaking, but also incredible is the huge size of the statue...

You take a train up the mountian at a 45 degree angle then four flights of stairs, followed by an escalator up to the summit.....you just have to look at the pictures.....

After that we went on to a buffet lunch and a rehearsal with Maestro Minchuk who will be conducting this weekend....it will be spectacular

I then took a great walk on Copacabana beach...followed by dinner and then Jeff and I stopped bya rooftop party that the YGC was having. Tomorrow we are off to Sugar loaf which you can see in the pictures....a glass walled tram over the ocean will get us there....WOW!
All in all a great day!


  1. Wow! What a fabulous day! I can't believe you saw that statue in person! That represented South America to me when I was a kid! That - and the woman wearing bowlers!!
    The beach looked gorgeous too.
    Thanks for putting yourself in the pics!!
    EVERYONE is asking for you and send their love!

  2. I can't believe you actually saw that statue. Can't tell you how any times we have all seen pictures of it!!! Such an exciting time!!!

  3. ANNNDDDD that sand castle is AMAZING!!!!

  4. Hi Sean, What an amazing picture of the statue. Absolutely beautiful. I miss you! : )